Fun Dates

The old standby for double dates is dinner for four. Unfortunately, not everyone can be truly gifted in the art of conversation, or even worse, be compatible with every dinner mate.

The lull between meals and quips about work can bring down an evening. What you need to look for when choosing a dinner destination is a place with something extra that will fill your awkward pauses and keep the talking points plentiful.

Test your smarts

If you’re okay with a casual night out at a local watering hole, many bars and local eateries host trivia nights, usually once a week. As long as you’re comfortable with your own pop culture knowledge, trivia is a great way to spend an evening over drinks and bar food, arguing whether William McKinley or Benjamin Harrison was president first. If you don’t feel like actually participating in the trivia, you can help the emcee out by snitching on the cheaters using their smartphones under the table.

Ye Olde Times of Goode

The Renaissance Faire only comes around once a year. HBO’s Game of Thrones is on everybody’s must-watch list. You look great in chain mail. Ok, maybe not that last one, but those other things are good reasons why taking it back to the dark ages is pretty cool. Medieval Times is a dinner and show venue featuring weapons, horses and a bunch of cosplay (not to mention a gift shop full of dragons on the way out).

Before you skip ahead, don’t dismiss this too quickly.

There’s a dinner of roast chicken, spare ribs, soup, bread and goblets of drink to get you into the mood. A court of lords and ladies in period attire grace your presence and are on hand to cheer for the knights, just like you’re supposed to. And they won’t disappoint.

Your show includes lances, swords and maces. And of course the horses. But really, you don’t have to take this seriously. You shouldn’t. The purpose of a double date is to ease the tension and stress of a conventional date, not to mention build up some good karma between couples. How great is the story about the night you all spent in the king’s court?

There’s been a murder

Murder mystery games do have a place outside the dinner party. Much like Medieval Times, comedic, murder mystery theaters give you both ample time to converse with your own company and also let the performers do the heavy-lifting.

Participation in the action is voluntary but encouraged, meaning you may see another side of your friend’s date that you weren’t expecting. The actors will give you time to eat but otherwise the entire night is wide open with actors mingling with dinner guests. Shows change, usually by the season, so if you enjoyed it enough with one date, don’t be afraid to take another there down the road.

Not that it won’t work out with this one…

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